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BitMin specializes in cloud application development on the Google Cloud Platform.


If your enterprise is looking to the cloud to provide a fast, scalable, cost effective platform for your custom applications, BitMin can help. The Google Cloud Platform is ideal for building applications to meet your unique business requirements. Take advantage of the same infrastructure that powers Google.

Market Place

The Google Apps Marketplace is a great place for SaaS companies to reach millions of existing Google Apps users. We can help integrate your existing cloud application into Google Apps and list your product on the Google Apps Marketplace. Intelligent and intuitive integration of your SaaS product into Google Apps will separate your application from the rest.

Product Development

Outsource your product development to us and reach your goals by focusing on your key growth activity, Sales, Marketing & Customer Success. Our software engineers have international expertise in product development on Google App Engine. In addition to quality, agility is also of high importance to us.


BitMin provides world class cloud planning and implementation solutions to help you navigate your journey to the cloud. Our Cloud Consulting Services are based on implementation best practices and will help minimize risk when navigating the many complexities involved in building and operating a cloud. By teaming our expert consultants with your IT leaders, we can help you stand up and integrate the optimal cloud environment to facilitate your strategic and technical business requirements.


Custom software development at BitMin is about delivering excellent results that drive the value of your business. Our UX designers and software engineers are experts that work with you every step of the process as a dedicated product team to solve your most complex problems. Our collaborative approach across organizations fosters creative thinking that delivers results. consectetur vel a felis. Donec viverra mollis leo, sit amet luctus tortor convallis id. Curabitur eleifend eleifend dui, nec mollis


Having an uninterrupted support for any software application is the key to its success.

Having a wonderful software application in place is very good but not having a software support in place to help all users overcome any challenge that might be faced, can be disastrous. Any software support program can only succeed if it has been planned meticulously and is in line with the business objectives of the software application and its associated business users. BitMin has capability and expertise in providing all level of support (L1-L4)


BitMin has implemented some fairly challenging Alfresco customization projects in a cost effective manner helping users to meet their goals, on time and budget. One of our challenging projects involved integrating IBM Daeja ViewOne, SAP with Alfresco for customers.